The books

The Photograph

The Photograph is the story of Anna Sinclair, a woman who risks losing a loving husband and a beautiful daughter in order to unravel the mystery of her identity. A single word uttered by her dying mother propels Anna into a global quest in search of the man in a photograph found in her mother’s bedroom. Her contented world comes crashing down around her as she is forced to confront the ugly reality of her father’s identity and the secret her mother kept from her. Her pursuit of the truth takes her to Washington, DC, Poland, Berlin, Jerusalem, and finally Bolivia. And as the revelations come to light they push her into a maelstrom of self-doubt, fear, and terror.


Deep within the remote Altai Mountains of Mongolia there exists a heinous mystery, one the locals have attempted to keep secret for generations. Now, Harry Olson, an American paleoanthropologist, is in the area excavating for early human fossils. What his team discovers threatens to turn modern scientific knowledge on its head and disrupt the peaceful harmony of the largely superstitious country. It is a discovery so appalling, so sinister, that the lives of the expedition members are at risk from a determined fossil pirate who learns of their discovery and vows to make it his own. Harry and his research team fight to outwit the man who is out kill them and steal their find, but first they must escape the terrible evil they have uncovered…

Blood of Brothers

The steamy mountain jungle of Nicaragua provide a sanctuary for ex-US Marine Jim Slater as he struggles to build a schoolhouse for a rural community ravaged by the country’s civil war.  Haunted by demons that have followed him from Vietnam, Slater only wants to be left in peace.  But that peace is shattered when the beautiful contra fighter, Maria Martinez, pulls him from a pub just before the rebels blow it up.  When a plot to assassinate an important Sandinista colonel fails, and Maria is taken prisoner, Slater is propelled into the conflict, determined to rescue the woman he loves.  With the help of a local CIA operative, Slater embarks on a harrowing journey that will change his life forever . . . if he even survives.